Discover the Power of Different Slendertone Ab Toning Belts

Using Slendertone ab toning belt in just 10 minutes is equivalent to doing more than 600 sit-ups lining on you back without breaking a sweat. This is possible thankful the Electronic muscle stimulation Sendetone’s engineers, developers and researchers integrated into their FDA approved toning devices.

Electro muscle stimulation gives a fantastic feeling. Now it is possible to tone your body without a hard work involved. There are several devices adjusted for different body pars for both men and women.

The Slendertone System – most advanced ab toning belt equipped with a special controller is a total body toning solution. It gives the chance to get strong, firm, toned abs in just weeks. Benefit of various settings controller provide you, it can speed up muscle toning process. The controller can be swapped between several units – buy only one controller for a family and save money.

Slendertone Flex is almost the same as System but it is a bit cheaper because the controller is integrated into the belt. Flex Max differs from Flex because it has 10 training programs and reaches intensity levels of up to 130 while Flex has only 7 programs.

The shorts are really good too. I’m thinking about buying them for my girlfriend. They help to rid-off cellulites and tighten your thighs & buttock. Improve silhouette with Slendertone System Shorts.

Another great product from Slendetone every woman should give a try is a Mini – small discrete belt which especially designed to tone the bum. Call it square when you see the difference in your bum shape.

Those ones who want to squeeze the maximum of muscle toning belt’s possibilities may try Slendertone Arms – it offers an effective hassle-free way to tone and firm your upper arms. Suitable both for men and women – these days women are so self-conscious about their upper arms too.

Slendetone does work. You can’t expect to have flat abs overnight. What you need is to combine ab toning belt with tenacity, patience, good diet and exercises. If you are a serious fitness fan and you will use it as part of your workout then buy one.

Slendertone really works but for better results you should do the gym or just walk a lot. Also it is important to use it everyday and follow 30 day training plan. It is boring a bit but my friend loves my flatten stomach thus he motivate me to keep going at it.

If used properly, the Slendertone Ab Belt System should show great results. Or money back no questions ask.


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