Using a Running GPS Watch to Exercise

GPS technology can also be a great ally of the athletes. Running GPS watch will help you know your position at all times, with varying degrees of accuracy, leaving you with data on the distance traveled and speed. If we add a control system failure, we have a full team to plan and insight into our daily sports. Although we are not professionals.

The use of GPS in sport teams begins with browsers that are used in mountain hiking. GPS systems are having the distinction of being more robust and resistant to agents such as water or dust, and come with topographical maps and details such as rivers and lakes. The Garmin Oregon is one of them.

Then there are models for specific sports like cycling, but in recent years, the uses of GPS in sport have focused particularly on runners. The classics are wristwatches with GPS, but today it is almost more common to use a mobile phone with global positioning to train and, most important, keep track of the file. Many phones already integrate a GPS chip, so with programs, we are persuading several manufacturers to use their computers as sports coach. And if you are able to play above our favorite music, then great. But please note that the battery will suffer from great entertainment.

The most interesting thing about mobile phones which help us to exercise, and can also include small accessories like the Nike + SportBand, is its integration with other equipment or even with external elements of our training, such as treadmill.

Internet and computers have also facilitated the improvement of these teams, acquiring a social base in the sport. If you run, a sporting activity may be more or less lonely (it depends on how you consider), why not get to race online with friends and post challenges in your city?

There are training programs where you can download the information after training, analyze it, draw graphs, see challenges and share them with other friends online.

I am an absolute supporter of the technology in the exercise with me, but I understand who disagrees. Right? Incidentally, if you have been wanting to know more about the various gadgets that help us work out, you can find a complete review of running GPS watches in Running GPS web page.

No more excuses for leaving your sofa or chair.

Jordi Vila is an Internet Marketer, Business Coach and Consultant, Teacher and Musician. Who’s passions includes helping people, good music, fine wines, good food, the outdoors & exercise and his collection of watches.


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